Finally, we have enough information to speak about the upcoming characters of Tekken 7. According to the latest Tekken 7 news, right the list consists of 35 confirmed Tekken 7 characters and 10 who are waiting for approval. All the characters were chosen not without a reason. In fact, each of them has their own personality as well as different skills and weakness. More precisely, Tekken 7 offers a great freedom of choice that makes the game so special.

Let’s begin with from the most important character - Akuma (Gouki). He is a street fighter as well as antagonist from a Japan. Moreover, the main enemy of Akuma is Ryu. In the game he is the major boss, who has an amazing power and stands out because of great strength.

Tekken 7 characters Akuma


As a boss, Akuma differs from the rest of the characters. He is a brave fighter with a burning red hair and muscles, which seems to be stronger than any other character from Tekken 7. Not in vain he was chosen as the leading one. Mostly, Akuma wears a dark costume with a sleeves removed. It would be really hard not to notice Akuma in the crowd of characters, since he has red, “screaming” eyes, which gets even worse, when he becomes angry.


Akuma is an average height character that weighs about 90 kilos. More precisely he is 178 cm and he has super strong sight. The fighting style he uses is a Martial arts rooted in Ansatsuken. The most favorite hobby: training and practicing Satsui no Hado.

Officially, Akuma was first time revealed as a character after the King of Iron Fist Tournament in 2015. This day, we know he is the only one fighter who has a game mechanic exclusive to himself. Sadly, he is also the only one who has not been provided with a Rage Drive. Anyway, is one of the favorites among all the fans of Tekken 7.

Another character that makes this game special is Kazumi Mishima. From the first sight, Kazumi might look soft and innocent women, however, she is a true warrior, who fights until the last breath. In Tekken 7 she will come as a new character that will be known as evil, who fights against everyone around her. Moreover, Kazumi is the mother of Kazuya Mishima and the wife of Heihachi Mishima, who is presented as a bad guy. The same like Akuma, Kazumi is a Japanese character, who stuns by its beauty and impressive support of Japanese culture.

Tekken 7 characters Kazumi


If we could select the most beautiful character in Tekken 7, it would definitely be Kazumi. Being very feminine, she looks like a true Japanese empress, who always keeps her hair tight in a bun. Gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful white kimono as well as fringe under the right eye make her even more special.


As we already mentioned, Kazumi is a very serious fighter even thought it does not seem like that at all. Mostly, she fights with her opponents having her beloved tiger next to her, what shows her sweetness somewhere deep inside. However, she is very mysterious and clever at the same time. If there is a need, she is able to seduce any men around her.


Firstly, Kazumi is only 156 cm height. Her nationality is Japan and she is recognised as half human and half demon. Mostly, she enjoys serenity as well as spending time with her beloved husband, son, and her pet tiger. When she is the battlefield she uses Hachijou fighting style (karate) that is mixed together with Mishima style (karate). What she dislikes is a Devil Gene and violence.

Even though we do not know much about the handsome character of Tekken 7 Claudio Serafino, we still want to make a short intro about him. From our point of view, Claudio will definitely revive the game with his beautiful masculine look as well as strong character. Originally, Claudio Serafino is an Italian fighter who is presented as the leader of the Archers of Sirius. The main thing that makes him stand out from all the others, is his skills to manage magic holy light. Mostly, he loves to use his powers in order to disseminate his energy during the battle.

Tekken 7 characters Claudio


First and foremost, Claudio reminds a genuine Italian model, whose pictures could occupy all the billboards and magazine covers all over the world. More accurately, he has a very strong look where dark black hair as well as deep, asymmetrical eyes stands in the first place. Despite the fact he is Italian, he has a pale skin and he is quite tall. In other words, he is the most attractive one. Speaking about his clothes, he is usually wearing white frock coat that has a gold lines and some black patterns.


Since we can’t tell much about his characteristics, hobbies and other facts that make him unique, we want to introduce a bit of his personality. As a person, Claudio is kind of smug and acrimonious, however, after a serious battle, he always lends his hand to his enemy to congratulate with a victory or defeat.

If you are guessing what female character will be the sexiest one, just look at the photo below. Here you can see a Lucky Chloe, who does not seem to have much resemblance with the major part of Tekken 7 characters. In our opinion, she even reminds a character from Anime, rather that a fighter from Tekken 7. However, even thought she looks like a cute pink kitty with a feminine body lines, she is a brave woman, who is not afraid to fight! Despite the fact, her nationally is being kept as a secret, we are making the assumption that she will be a girl from Japan. First of all, when she fights, she always releases a strange sound like “Meow”, however it comes like “Nya”. Moreover, she seems to be created as a Japanese idol. Last but not least, Lucky speaks English, however you can hear a Japanese accent that can be hardly hide.

Tekken 7 characters Lucy


The first thing that comes in the mind, when you think of Lucy, is her blond hair that comes in two cute ponytails. Her eyes have a gorgeous blue-green shades that make her look mysterious and unique. She always wear a pink headphones and a cat ears upon the head. All her clothes has a pink color and it kind of reminds the underwear. Anyway, she looks really stunning and we hope she will have much to show in the field of Battle. Especially, since she uses acrobatics and freestyle dance to break her enemy bones.

Shaheen - a new character of Tekken 7, who is derived from Saudi Arabia. We do not have much information about Shaheen, however, we know that he will fight using “Military Fighting Style”. It will be all about harsh and fast kicks as well as acrobatics that will help to defeat the enemy faster. In terms of his appearance, Shaheen has a very strong look that shows how confident and brave he is. His short, brown hair, as well as thick beard and mustache give him a masculine look. As it is typical, in Saudi Arabia, his head is covered with a long shawl, which is colored in bright red and white. Not to mention, as none of the Tekken 7 characters he is wearing a military uniform, which is tied with a belt.

Tekken 7 characters Shaheen

Continuing with Tekken 7 male characters, we introduce Heihachi Mishima. He is one of the few, that was chosen as the main character of Tekken 7. Heihachi is not a new character. In the Tekken 2, he was a protagonist, however, in Tekken 5 he was recognised as the antihero and an antagonist. This year, Heihachi comes as the strongest character, who will also be known as the King of Iron Fist. He is also the son of Jinpachi Mishima and the father of Kazuya Mishima, Lars Alexandersson and partly father of Lee Chaolan, who was adopted.


Heihachi Mishima is not a simple warrior. He is a powerful and supercilious fighter. To beat this strong “animal” is nearly impossible, since he uses his Karate and other skills in order to injure or kill. Not to mention, he is recognized as the most acute character from all.

Tekken 7 characters Heihachi Mishima 

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Eddy Gordo

A long member of the Tekken franchise – Eddy Gordo is the most notable Brazilian fighter in Tekken. He also specializes in capoeira, which makes it even more Brazilian. 

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Jin Kazama/Devil Jin

The latest protagonist of the series (well and a partial antagonist in Tekken 6, a supporting role in the latest game Tekken 7) – Jin Kazama has it all. He is probably one (if not the) strongest fighters in the world with great genes and character.

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As his Wikipedia page suggests – Bob or Robert Richards hates weight loss. This big blonde American is a true karate master and has returned to Tekken 7.

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Josie Rizal

A young Filipino – Josie Rizal looks pretty and harmless, but be assured that she will kick your butt Kickboxing style in a blink of an eye.

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Eliza is a vampire who slept for over 600 years… The only way you’re getting this hot blood-sucker in to Tekken 7 is if you pre-ordered the game or if you waited until July 28, 2017.

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Bryan Fury

This is a very bad bad man…He’s been around since Tekken 3 and has done evil things ever since. A brutal and cold-blooded American with psychotic tendencies have made him one of the few fan favorites and created a loyal fan base. We’ll see what the fuss is all about.

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Katarina Alves

This Brasilian babe won’t mess around. She doesn’t vibe to the salsa rhythms, she’s a rebel and one hard fighter. Her quest for her adoptive father ends her up in a rather strange position.

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Feng Wei

Feng Wei is a Chinese martial artist who specializes in God Fist Style battle techniques. A new character in Tekken 5, Feng has stuck right by us and we fell in love with him.

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Akuma stands for the Great Devil – highly deserving of that name. This is probably one if not the biggest nemesis in Tekken series. Akuma can also be found as the final boos in the arcade mode. 

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Kazumi Mishima/Devil Kazumi

The good and the evil, Yin and Yang, white and black… Kazumi Mishima represented the North and the South. What it means is that her world was filled with mystery and to add to her regular, quite devious yet caring self, Kazumi possessed a demon – devil gene inside her. 

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Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi is around since the first game so his story is well developed, his movements and fighting mechanics are very well made and overall – Heihachi is the perfect character most people love to hate.

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Claudio Serafino

One of the many new characters of Tekken 7, this slick Italian fella made his name fighting against supernatural – mythical creatures. He is the leader of Archers of Sirius – exorcist organization that fights evil beings.

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The first Arabic style character in Tekken, this military bodyguard will make you obey the harsh rules and will hit you hard. 

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Hwoarang is a Korean Taekwondo master, rival of Jin Kazama and pupil/student of Baek. Hwoarang is a short-fuse type of guy that will jump in to any fights – that’s his charm. 

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Geese Howard

This robe wearing blonde bad boy is  another crossover character – visiting Tekken’s universe from Fatal Fury series. A DLC character – Geese made his arrival in the seventh game. By using Aikijutsu he fights and beats his enemies with ease in Tekken and Fatal Fury.

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Master Raven

Master Raven is a Raven-esque female of African origins and wears tough armor to go along with her tough ninjutsu. 

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This Russian beauty is an android which was created by doctor Bosconovitch to resemble his dead daughter. She has been around since Tekken 6 and has grown to become one of the fan favorites.

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G Corporation’s masterpiece – a new character in Tekken 7 – Gigas. A red robot who most likely has someone operating is more of a mystery to everyone, but rest assured, he is a destructive machine that can kill you in a blink of an eye.

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Lucky Chloe

After visiting an expo she fell in love with the Japanese culture and you can see it on her. But don’t get distracted, because this young blonde sure knows how to dance and uses those moves to both shame her opponents and make them feel the pain.

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Asuka Kazama

Since Tekken 5 Asuka has rattled our head and minds. With strange relations towards both Jin and Jun Kazama, she also possess the same level fighting skills as Jin and remains one of the most popular characters in Tekken.

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Jack 7

This is the seventh robot of the Jack family. Newly built, re-vamped styling and design, better weaponry and a tougher build make this the strongest Jack robot ever built.

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