Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi is around since the first game so his story is well developed, his movements and fighting mechanics are very well made and overall – Heihachi is the perfect character most people love to hate.

Lore: Let’s get first things out of the way – Heihachi is a mixed bag. In the second Tekken game he is the protagonist, yet during the series he is portrayed as an evil, conniving and scheming old man with his own interests in mind. But if you go down his road you might understand what made him so cold and hateful towards other people. Kazuya is his son, Kazumi Mishima his wife, Jin Kazama his grandson, Jinpachi his dad and Lars his illegitimate son. Wow! What a list of relatives. Pretty much everyone important in Tekken is related or tied with Heihachi. He is the host of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th King of Iron Fist Tournaments. The first Tekken game doesn’t have a lot of story so he’s just the host of the tournament, gets beaten by Kazuya who overtakes his dad as the leader of Mishima Financial Empire. Tekken 2 however, is a different story. There are two endings whether Kazuya retains the empire or Heihachi kills him and retakes the throne. The third game had a much deeper story and made us better understand the stories behind some of these characters and Heihachi especially. In this game Heihachi meets Jin. But the main focus of Heihachi is a mystical and legendary Ogre that lurks somewhere. In the ending we see Heihachi defeating the Ogre and it dilutes into nothing. After defeating the Ogre he notices Jin Kazama on the ground without many signs of life. He takes Jin in to his helicopter, but notices his devil tattoos appearing and throws his body out… The Tekken 4 universe was a different story. Heihachi learns about his son’s – Kazuya’s corpse (whom he had killed 20 years ago) body being stored in the storage facilities of a firm called G Corporation. Heihachi sent in the Tekken Force to destroy the facilities and return Kazuya’s remains to Mishima Zaibatsu. His force demolishes the place, but Kazuya is revived by the G Corp and destroys the plans. Kazuya and Heihachi approach Jin Kazama chained. “The world came to know an age of darkness…” Tekken 5 sees Heihachi losing to Jin Kazama, but nothing else major happened. In Tekken 6 the power struggle between Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi just increases. Jin takes over Mishima Zaibatsu and Heihachi finds out about Lars being his illegitimate son, so things just heat up. Tekken 7, provides an even deeper insight to the story and dives back to the past by showing how Kazuya was seeking revenge for his deceased mother. Heihachi returns to retake Mishima Zaibatsu and retain control of the corporation. The endings is sad for Heihachi as he confronts Kazuya in the mouth of a Volcano. Heihachi defeats Devil Kazuya, but human Kazuya gets the best of him and a final, deadly blow to the chest ends his father’s life. Just to make sure, his corpse is thrown in to a river of magma… A fun fact is that Heihachi is only one of the four characters to appear in each and every Tekken game besides Nina Williams, Yoshimitsu and Paul Phoenix.

Gameplay and fighting: You’re aggressive and offensive minded? Choose Heihachi… If you nail a good combo you opponent is as good as done for. Utilizing Mishima Style Karate – Heihachi can deal some devastating blows to your opponents and has some moves that are near impossible to block. Good for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques

2x punch – Rage art

- Demon Kicker

- Demon Lair and Demon Massacre

- Monzenbarai

- Demon Slayer

Heihachi is a historic and a legendary figure in Tekken’s world. So sad that he had to die, but an unfortunate end to such a glorious character is sad, but maybe greater things are in store. With Tekken – you never know. Heihachi – you’ll be missed.