Tekken 7 soundtrack

Information about Tekken 7 soundtrack.

Not everyone can create a good video game. It requires a lot efforts, understanding and of course ability to adapt the best soundtrack. If we think about Tekken 7, we firstly take its gameplay and special effects into consideration. However, this time lets speak about its soundtrack, in other words, music, which received a great attention.

The Tekken 7 soundtrack is going to amaze even the most negative ones

First and foremost, we were really impressed, when we heard Tekken 7 soundtrack for the very first time. It was announced in one of the first Tekken 7 trailer. Even though, we have no idea where all the Tekken 7 music came from, we believe it is the best one so far. 

Speaking about our favorite soundtracks that was published together with different trailers. We mostly enjoy the one, you can hear in the video bellow. The song starts at 1:28.

All we know, is that this song was taken from the arcade opening and was released together with the very main trailer:

What we really like, is Tekken 7 developers music genre choice. In our opinion, rock is the best they could ever opt for, since it goes on one line together with the game theme. Moreover, rock stimulates our imagination better and helps to create an aggressive mood, which is so important for the gamer in general. Otherwise, how you could fight, without feeling the game? Again, emotions are the most important part, when we speak about high-quality fighting game.

Continuing with a Tekken 7 soundtrack list we want to mention one more song. First of all, it doesn’t remind rock music at all, however it still sounds nice. We are speaking about the Xqooyd dubstep song, you can listen here:

Actually, we truly believe that this song will be played during most intense fights, where great attention will be required.