Tekken 7 how to use weapons

Weapons use in Tekken 7.

Without no doubts, Tekken 7 is a great action game that will come out with a huge power and yet unseen features. However, so far, we have no exact information about the existence of Tekken 7 weapons. As it is true, previous Tekken games had a wide choice of weapons, however, as we can see from the trailers and demo version, the newest game, Tekken 7 may not include weapons in the game. However, there are still some concerns, because we saw some fighters having a gun or something to fight with.

What weapons will appear in Tekken 7?

The very first thing that makes us think so, is the pictures and short videos of finally confirmed game characters. As we noticed, none of them has a weapon or something similar to it. They all have their own fighting skills and abilities, but nothing more. Maybe, to remove all the weapons from the game was a really great idea, however, how everything is going to work now? Simply, there will be no Tekken 7 weapon guide, growth, names and etc. All the game will be based on a unique character powers and their ability to fight using their body only. In fact, why body can’t compete with the actual weapons? From our opinion, the body can even be a better weapon than gun, bow, spear and etc. Of course, it all depends on how you trail your body and what techniques you use. As you most probably know, Tekken 7 warriors are strong and their body techniques seek the highest level. For instance, if previous game editions had armed characters who tried to fight against the ones without no weapons, they usually were recognized as losers. Firstly, until they were able to caulk the gun, their opponent would kick the gun from its hands and finish the battle. In addition, this is just one more example, which shows that weapons in the game are not actually needed. However, what if we are wrong and Tekken 7 creators will bring some characters with awesome and very powerful weapons? Then, we will be excited too, since such a choice will be accepted not without a reason. Being more precise, we have noticed one really important thing, however, we are not completely sure about its usage.

Do you remember a new character Nina? She is the one, that has a gun and some kind of weapons straight on her leg. However, when she begins to fight, she does not use them at all. So can these weapons be a part of her image or it is the actual weapons she is going to use?

Tekken 7 weapons

How to use a weapon if it’s simply your body?

Body, wasn’t given just for walking or living in general. It is our key tool for defense. We use it in a real life and also in the video games, in this case, Tekken 7. If you still have some doubts, that only body can’t beat your enemy, just look how nicely body art is demonstrated in Tekken 7. Every fighter presents his own capabilities and fighting styles. Some of them, are inspired by their country, ancestors or just music that helps them fight using some difficult, however, useful dancing moves. This time, Tekken 7 weapon compatibility goes all about understanding and knowing your body well. If we would speak about Tekken 7 weapon names, here we can say that each movement can be named and divided into different groups.

Look how good Tekken 7 characters can fight without no weapons in the link below.