Tekken 7 review

Professional Tekken 7 review: what to expect?

Tekken is not a new game. It has been renewed and improved every single year. Starting from the very first game edition it was called Tekken and it was released in 1995. It was an arcade version video game and it received a great interest at that time. Later, kind of better games came in 1996, 1968 and so on and so far. Until today Tekken developers have released 21 versions of the game and this year the newest one is waiting for its turn.

Speaking about the game evolution more precise, at the very beginning Tekken 7 looked really impressive and already at that time had a huge amount of fans. However, if someone would tell us to play the game that was published more than 20 years ago, we would definitely refuse to do it. Firstly, many years back, the game graphics were poor and the gameplay was too simple. But what we need to consider, is the period of time. To make it clear, during 1995 it was impossible to create breathtaking video games, because there wasn’t any needed equipment or understanding. Thankfully, the changing times brought all these needed things and in less than 3 or 4 months, we will be able to play an extremely well done and nicely perfected video game, Tekken 7. If you want to see the evolution of Tekken games, watch the video below.

Review about Tekken 7 characters

As you can see from the video above, Tekken game was improved a lot during the years. The graphics, characters, special effects and many more important details was changed. However, speaking about Tekken 7 review, this year we are extremely happy, because the game seems to be more than amazing. If previously, the game characters was more simple and didn’t had actual personality, this time, Tekken 7 characters are going to look completely diverse. Each of them will be unique and they will stand out because of completely different look, fighting skills, personality or approach to life. Not to mention, we are going to see a bunch of new characters in Tekken 7, including Shaheen, Lucky Chloe and etc. To keep the old fans in, Tekken 7 will also return some old characters, who was loved most. In general, this was a really good step, because now the game is opened for everyone in the world of games. 

Tekken 7 review

Special effects, graphics and other important details

Continuing with the Tekken 7 pro review, we have to mention the game graphics and special effects. This is a part of the game, that makes it so special and unique in general. More precisely, because the game is based on fights, its creators and developers made great efforts in order to create a realistic and breathtaking view. For instance, different environments in the game are going to look extremely good. What to speak about 3D elements and graphics solutions during the battles. In particular, what seems to be the most impressive is the slow motions that you can see at the end of a match or when you do an ultimate combo.

See the best slow motion moments of Tekken 7 in the link below.