Tekken 7 costumes

Find out about all Tekken 7 costumes.

Finally, we are glad to have most of the Tekken 7 costumes reveled. As it was expected, most one them are unrealistically good and makes the characters look even more powerful than they actually are. Not to mention, because Tekken 7 is followed closely by the Japanese style, most of the male characters are wearing that specific Karate Gi outfit. In contrast to men, women has more diverse costumes, which each should be presented very thoroughly.

Lucky Chloe

Starting from the feminine characters, first we want to speak about the Lucky Chloe. Even thought she is completely new character, she has very unique and sexy look, that might not remind a fighter at all. Moreover, according to game developers, Lucky Chloe is best for beginners as she fights using dance movements and feminine glamor. Speaking about her outfit, as most of Tekken 7 new outfits can be recognized by dark black colors and very serious details on it, Lucky Chloe clothes have nothing in common with it. First and foremost, bright pink color dominates in her outfit.

Tekken 7 costumes Lucky Chloe

As you can see from the picture above, Chloe also has long blond ponytails and cute little cat ears on top of it. What is the most important, what kind of dancer she would be, without that huge and high quality headphones? None! For this reason, she also has that glamorous pink headphones, which helps her to fight using fast and beautiful dancing moves. Going further, you can also see huge gloves on her hands, which definitely reminds cat paws. Her waist and legs are padded with an additional protection that comes in dark black color. Last but not least, speaking about all Tekken 7 new outfits, Chloe has the most sweet one and it also fits her face very well. To sum up, Chloe is cute, however aggressive fighter, who cannot imagine her life without music.

Watch the trailer to see how Lucy Chloe looks with her unique outfit:

Kazumi Mishima

Another character we want to present, is Kazumi Mishima. As we already mentioned in other article about Tekken 7 characters, Kazumi is known as the main villain of the Tekken 7. Originally, she is one of the bosses, who stand out because of extremely good fighting skills. However, this time we want to delve deeply into her outfit. From the first sight, she looks very feminine and most probably, she is the most beautiful woman’s character from all. Her appearance highly reminds a Japanese women Geisha and that actually makes her even more special. She has a long and gorgeous black hair, which she mostly ties up into a high bun, strict bangs and of course two light braids strengthened by cute, little red ribbons.

Tekken 7 Kazumi costumes

If you will take a closer look at the picture you see above, you will see that she prefers white and light red colors. Mostly, she wears Kimono banded with a safety belt. On her hands, you can see delightful gloves that have some gold on the top of it. Even though, Kazumi Mishima costume might look elegant and simple, beneath it lies strong feminine body. From all Tekken 7 outfits, this one can be recognized as the most dainty one.

In the video below, you can see detailed video, which presents Kazumi Mishima fighting skills and that shows her outfit from all different sides.


Third Tekken 7 character that we are absolutely in love with is Nina. Completely differently from Lucky Chloe and Kazumi Mishima, Nina is an Irish, cold-blooded female character, who prefer fatal fighting style. Even thought she is blond, she doesn’t remind any of that stupid girls, since her personality reaches a high level. Of course, Nina is also quite rough, however, sometimes she can be sweet. Anyway, the most astonishing thing is her outfit. None of Tekken 7 costumes reminds her clothes. First and foremost, she is wearing something similar to a wedding dress. Why we say so? Just look at the that wedding veil, which perfectly decorates her head. Moreover, she also has beautiful silk gloves on her arms, which are also decorated with cute, little flowers. However, if we look a little below, we can see black and dangerous pile of weapons fitted directly to her right leg. To tell you the truth, we highly believe that Nina is unhappily married woman who escaped from her husband. Or even worse, the bride, who run out from her weeding the same day. Anyway, in the game she is ready to fight in order to survive and protect her convictions.

Tekken 7 Nina costumes

Want to see how she looks in reality? Watch the link bellow.