Tekken 7 PS4

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Without no doubt, Tekken 7 is definitely coming to all video game platforms, including PC, Xbox and of course Ps4. Therefore, because all this article is written exactly for PS4, we want to express our huge joy and congratulate all the gamers, who were waiting for this announcement more than a year. Actually, we definitely understand the Bandai Namco team for keeping it all in a secret, since best things need to be told in time.

Going to the essence, it is really amazing that players will be able to choose their favorite platform. First of all, it gives the ability to choose the most convenient control system and also play the game, while watching through a small or huge screen. Differently than PC, PS4 provides the ability to play the game using remote control and large screen connected with the best quality loudspeakers. Such a system helps to feel the game better and immerse yourself in the world of fight. Not to mention, Tekken 7 ps4 release was a great step forward. Such a decision attracted a lot of new gamers and it also made the old ones be really happy. 

What are the benefits of Tekken 7 being played on PS4?

1. It comes with better graphics. We can’t say that Tekken 7 has bad graphics while being played on PC or Xbox. Definitely no. What we want to highlight is that Ps4 was improved so much all these years, that its graphic may even be the best one.

2. It makes the game be more realistic. Have you ever had that great feeling, when you feel like being in the game for real? Ps4 is able to do this thing, since it works as the best imagination stimulant. In other words, this platform has the best visuals that make the whole view be so freaking genuine.

3. It has the most convenient control keypads. The ability to control the game using no computer keyboard but comfortable and easy to hold Ps4 keypads, is the best thing that was ever created. Just imagine, while playing Tekken 7 on ps4 you will be able to move according to your wishes. The moment you will kick your enemy with the leg in the game, you will be able to express your movements in the reality too. Or even better, at the most intense fight, when you will need all your powers in order to beat the opponent, you will be able to jump in the air, to fall down or do whatever is needed in order to win.

Tekken 7 PS4