Tekken 7 ranks

Tekken 7: game ratings.

Obviously, Tekken 7 is going to be one of the most famous action-fighting video games of all times. Firstly, the game is not new and it already has a huge amount of regular fans. Second of all, Tekken 7 definitely beats all similar content video games, since it has a unique gameplay and most powerful fighters. However, even though, the game has predicted a huge success already, there are still numerous of rumors about some game faults, which can influence the game ratings.

Does unfounded opinion really matter?

At first, there are some gamers, who are not happy about the game graphics. Even though, it is agreed that Tekken 7 has improved its graphics a lot, gamers was expecting for greater results. However, as many experts have confirmed, Tekken 7 really did their best and they even brought some important novelties to the world of video games. So, to harass the graphics would be a really silly thing to do. If you still have some concerns, watch the video below, where you are going to see how Tekken 7 graphics is going to look like.

Moreover, as Tekken 7 ranks highly depends on gameplay in general, there have been some stories going on, that the game could have more fighters and fighting fields included. At the moment, Tekken 7 developers has confirmed 35 game characters, however, as they mentioned there will be about 50 of them. First of all, we cannot understand how such a number can be too little? 50 is a lot. Also, if you want to be a really good player, you need to know each character really well. Not to mention, when you have so much of them, it can be really difficult and challenging task to do. Speaking about fighting fields, we are completely sure it's not the right time to make a final opinion about them. As it is obvious, the actual game will have a wide variety of amendments and we will definitely see more fighting fields included.

Tekken 7 ranks

After all, some unfounded opinion, just can’t affect Tekken 7 ratings. Right now, there no exact data that would come in numbers, but it will definitely be done after the actual game release. Firstly, the game can’t be rated right now, because we can’t play the original version. Secondly, it wouldn’t be professional to announce Tekken 7 ranking system and data, without analyzing the very final gameplay, characters, graphics and etc.

What made Katsuhiro Harada so angry?

Moreover, there was also an incident, when the producer of Tekken 7 Katsuhiro Harada got really angry on one South Korean video producers. In short, they published confidential information about Tekken 7 in one video uploaded to YouTube. More precisely, it was a few screenshots that revealed alternative outfits, characters and even their fighting abilities. To tell you the truth, we don’t know how this issue was solved, but it is the best example for impatient gamers, who should actually wait patiently rather than announce the news. In this case, we also speak about Tekken 7 estimation that should be only done after the game release date. Otherwise, you can leak some important information, which shouldn’t be published too early.

Tekken 7 game ratings