Tekken 7 controls

Controls and command list in Tekken 7.

Controlling Tekken 7 is not the easiest task. It definitely requires some knowledge and understanding. Moreover, since Tekken 7 is coming on three different platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox, the game controls will obviously differ according to the platform you choose. As the best explanation, playing Tekken 7 on PC you will be able to use many different combinations on your keyboard, such as numbers, letters or arrows. Arrows, will be used most often, since they simply link the direction for the game character and etc. On the contrary than playing on PC, playing with PS4 or Xbox you will be able to control the game with remote control only. Such a control may be more comfortable, however, it will provide less freedom of control possibilities. After all, because each platform is completely different and features unique things, each of them will have their own, Tekken 7 command list.

What kind of controls are going to appear in Tekken 7

As far as we know, there will also be more Tekken 7 controls, which will be designed for characters only. For instance, each Tekken 7 fighters will have their own move list. In other words, it will come as a control list that will be a key element for making your character move and fight in the appropriate direction. For example, just a watch a video below, which shows a Move List of Akuma.

Unfortunately, the video is made in Japanese language and you can hardly understand all the explanations written immediately after Akuma shows something new. However, as it is clear, Tekken 7 command list for Akuma will be really broad. He will be able to do many different throws, kicks, spins and etc. Moreover, every single move he makes is explained by arrows at the bottom of the video. So actually, you can understand how to make each move really easily.

Tekken 7 command list

A little bit below, you can also see the Tekken 7 command list made for Jin Kazama exclusively. In short, the video shows all the shocks and attacks, he is capable to do in the game. As one of the most powerful fighters in Tekken 7, Jin demonstrates extremely difficult and hard to withstand kicks made with his arms and legs. Not to mention, every move performance is described at the bottom of the video and shown by arrows and buttons for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

What’s more, this Movelist Video of Jin Kazama, makes a very good insight about the character itself. As you can see, Jin stands out because of great performance and can even be recognized as one of the best fighters so far.

Tekken 7 controls