Tekken 7 news

Tekken 7 news

Have you ever had your favorite video game? If your answer is negative, don’t panic, since we have a really great news. Just a few months later, one of the most awaited video games will be released. We are speaking about the Tekken 7 that will definitely become one of your favorites. Why we are so ensured? We strongly believe that this fighting game will provide the greatest features as well as present an interesting story line. If you are a true fan of Tekken 7 or you just heard about it from us, keep reading this article, since we are ready to provide all of you with the latest information about the game.

Gameplay that has changed a lot

Let’s begin with the most exciting Tekken 7 news. According to Tekken 7 developers and publishers Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game will be based on fierce battles between two fighters. The main character in this edition, becomes Akuma who represents a strong and hardly manageable fighter. In addition, you will also see many more great characters in the game that each will stand out of its own powers and abilities. Coming back to the Tekken 7 gameplay, the first time the Tekken 7 was made using new and technologically improved Unreal Engine 4. If some of you consider what facilities such a system can provide, it will definitely make a huge influence to the whole game structure. More precisely, to an environment that will perform perfectly. Also, for a control system that makes the game work much faster. Not to mention, Tekken 7 is a Japanese style video game that will also introduce a Range Art. Range Art was never used by Bandai Namco Entertainment before. However, involving Range Art was the best decision BNE has ever made. First of all, it helps the gamer to implement the most dangerous fights at the moment when character condition gets critical. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to regain strength after the enemy has injured the character.

Tekken 7 news

News from Katsuhiro Harada

As every detail of the game is extremely important, a month ago, Gamespot has published an interview with the producer of Tekken 7, Katsuhiro Harada. This interview was really important for all the gamers and researchers, since it revealed many unknown details. According to the interview, Katsuhiro Harada answered to all the questions he was asked for and the most important was: what differences he sees between the Tekken 7 and other similar content games. The essential thing he stressed was the game environment and model in general. Since most of the fighting games are based on 2D models, Tekken 7 is fully focused on 3D version that makes the game more realistic and exciting too. Moreover, as we have mentioned previously, Unreal Engine has made a huge impact in the game. Based on Katsuhiro Harada words, this engine helped them to make the graphics of the game more quickly. In addition, Tekken 7 will not have much difference from to the home version. "Obviously we don't want to change the formula people expect. That said, with all the Tekken games, we always add extra content” - stated Katsuhiro Harada. To make it clear, Tekken 7 will mostly focus on the story mode rather that arcade mode. Last but not least, there was also a question about a diversity of the characters, their nationalities and what inspired to create them all. The answer Katsuhiro gave was completely unexpected, however really promising. “It's probably because we take different approaches to designing new characters. It's not the same every time. For example, some of the ideas might come from the animators because there are certain animations, fighting styles, martial arts, or something that they focus on first and flesh out the character from there. It could also be that the planner comes up with a certain look for a character they want to show off, or a game designer wants a character from a particular region.” - stated K.H.

Tekken 7 news Harada

New Characters in “Tekken 7”

As we already mentioned, the most important character who will perform as a key role is Akuma. It is a character that stands out of its strong power, unswerving determination to fight as well as for unutterable strength. However, Tekken 7 will also bring a few more characters such as Kazumi Mishima, Master Raven, Josie Rizal, Lucky Chloe, Devil Kazumi, Claudio Serafino, Katarina Alves, Shaheen, Gigas, Lahcenrekab, Lucky Chloe and others. Actually, according to Tekken 7 latest news, today we have 35 confirmed characters and 10 unconfirmed ones. Among all approved characters there also remained a few old ones that was extremely loved by constipated game fans. In the video below you can see Gigas, Josie, Lucky Chloe, Kazumi all presented it their best performance.

We sincerely believe that you are really exited about all the new characters that will feature in the game. However, just a few days ago Tekken 7 developers have announced a breaking news that left us speechless in a good way! Kuma and Panda are coming back to the game! Look at the trailer below, which was made to present these two extremely good fighters.

Game Updates

Having no doubts, “Tekken 7” is a part of “Tekken 7: Fated Retribution’ that firstly worked only as an update. What this really means, is that gamers will have the ability to play the game using such a set like features or characters. Moreover, according to Tekken 7 news 2016, the updates for the video game storyline was also improved quite strongly. As we know, “Tekken 7” has improved Claudio Serafino and Mishima Zaibatsu storylines. First of all, the script by Claudio Serafino will be improved adding a group of exorcists. More precisely, Serafino will be the front-runner of this team. Their mission to fight against all the dominant foes to make them go out of their world - is what they are living for. Differently than Claudio team, the Mishima Zaibatsu group will be more mysterious and tricky. Their aim will be to attract as many archers of the Sirius group as possible.

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