Tekken 7 secrets

Reveal the Tekken 7 secrets together with professional gamers and developers of the game.

Have you ever thought about Tekken 7 game secrets? If you haven’t found them on the internet yet, it doesn’t mean they do not exist. Actually, Tekken 7 has plenty of secrets that are already revealed or will be completely announced after the game release date. So far, we found some great news about Tekken 7 secret characters, items or even places for fights, that were shortly mentioned during the time.

Secret Tekken 7 Characters

Speaking about Tekken 7 characters, some time ago Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed one more character Jin Kazama. For a long time, Jin was kept in a secret and only now he is presented as one of the most powerful and best skills having character. Not to mention, most possibly, Jin Kazama is going to be a secret Boss in Tekken 7. At first, no one believed in this story, however, today we believe this fact more and more. Firstly, Jin looks extremely strong and self confident as a fighter. Also, he stands out from all other fighters, since he can win more fights than anyone else can. In order to find more about Jin Kazama and understand his fighting tactics, watch the video below.

Also, the news that Jin Kazama is going to be a secret Boss became even more convincing, when we found an article about it, posted by Event Hubs. As they claim, Jim will appear as a sub-boos during the arcade mode in Stage 4. Moreover, he is only going to be visible while playing with a few characters only. For instance, if you will play as Kazuya, you are definitely going to see Jin too. However, it won’t be easy to meet Jin at first. Simply, there will be several conditions that you will need to follow. The first and the most important, is playing a game for several times at least. Only then, you might see Jin. However, Jim Kazuya is going to appear in the actual game too. Moreover, he will be a playable character.

Tekken 7 secrets

Secret Items in Tekken 7

Going to the deeper research, Tekken 7 secret items are also going to exist. Unfortunately, none of them are yet announced. However, what we expect, is secret character customization, secret items that would help to fight and of course secret environments or gardens. When we speak about Tekken 7 secret items, we mean unlockable costumes that can be a key element of interesting and breathtaking video game.