Tekken 7 special moves

The greatest special moves in Tekken 7.

Every single month, the creators of Tekken 7, Bandai Namco, uploads  something new about the newly coming video game. They publish the greatest updates for characters or gameplay in general. However, the gamers are mostly excited about the Tekken 7 special moves, which have-not been completely revealed yet. Of course, we know the basics, however, the most interesting details are being kept in a secret. Such a decision was taken by Bandai Namco and won’t be changed until the day they decide to reveal all the secrets.

In one case, such a choice is a logical step towards success, since it already attracted many fans. More precisely, secrets are the key element that makes the game so special. In other case, gamers can get bored of all these secrets and forgot about the game even before its release. However, what we are sure about, Tekken 7 is not going to lose its fans, since it is one of the best action games that has a really exciting story to tell.

Tekken 7 special moves

Special moves in Tekken 7

Today, there are many different videos uploaded to YouTube that shows the fighting techniques and unique skills of each Tekken 7 character. However, it’s hard to identify the very basic Tekken 7 special moves, since all of them are quite impressive. Moreover, even thought Bandai Namco has never presented a very specific and final moves of the characters, there was made the analyzes that helped to identify a quite significant part of them. Firstly, it is really amazing that Tekken 7 new moves are closely associated with each character separately. More precisely, Tekken 7 moves analysis showed that every character fights according to his or her nationality and traditions. For instance, if we would speak about a new character Shaheen, who is Saudi Arabian fighter, it is important to mention that he uses Altair, Arutairu, Taurus, Elnath and Spica moves. In general, we can call his fighting style as Military Fighting. Speaking about the very special moves he uses, we must mention his extremely powerful strokes made with his legs and hands. When Shaheen uses them, the opponent can’t attack, since the time he gives for the defense.

However, there is one important thing to mention. Even though, we have most of the characters and short trailers of them revealed, it does not mean that all the movements they use will appear in the actual game. For this reason, it is really hard to highlight all the Tekken 7 special moves, when they can simply be changed and appear as completely different ones. However, we are quite sure that Bandai Namco team will definitely announce the actual Tekken 7 best moves list straight after the game release.

Moreover, as we believe, the best special moves are going to appear during the greatest attacks, where characters will use the Rage Art. After all, the Range Art is the key element that improves Tekken 7 storyline in general.