Eddy Gordo

A long member of the Tekken franchise – Eddy Gordo is the most notable Brazilian fighter in Tekken. He also specializes in capoeira, which makes it even more Brazilian. 

Lore: Eddy has been around from Tekken 3 and boasts the unmistakable Brazilian charm. His most recognizable trait is the capoeira fighting stances which makes Eddy dance in a rhythmic way just before the fight. But what’s his story? Tekken 3 shows the beginning of it all. Eddy was very lucky and was born in to a very wealthy Brazilian family. His life was already determined as he knew that one day it was inevitable that he should take over father’s business. In his later teens he went home and found his dad shot. Eddy found out that his dad was fighting a drug cartel and lost… He suggested that Eddy confesses and goes in to prison and becomes a convicted criminal yet retains his safety and survives. Prison was tough and it grew anger in Eddy, making him seek vengeance. In prison he learned about capoeira from the mysterious old capoeira master. For years (eight of them, exactly) during his sentence Eddy practiced capoeira and became an expert and a lethal master. He got released from prison and went to compete in the King of Iron Fist 3. His story is mostly related to seeking revenge for his parents, so there’s not much more to explain, but for the sake of knowledge – stick around. Tekken 4 is a weird one for Eddy fans – he’s a playable character yet not really present in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. It turns out that the person responsible for his father’s death is Kazuya… The ending in Tekken 4 shows Christie (Eddy’s student) defeating Heihachi and winning the tournament. She entered the tournament to find Eddy and get any kinds of info on him. While celebrating her victory – she notices Eddy in the crowd and runs towards him. They hug and all is well. Tekken 5 is an emotional rollercoaster for Eddy as his master is being released from prison – Eddy is rather disappointed because it’s not the same man who he knew, this one was a lot older and just the shadow of the man he used to be. It turned out that the master has a strange, lethal illness which can only be cured with the resources of Mishima Zaibatsu. Christie and Eddy decide to enter the tournament for the cause. The ending is a positive one as we’re shown a scene where the master trains with Christie – his granddaughter. The 6th game Eddy approaches Jin to ask for money in exchange Jin asked Eddy to join the Tekken force and becomes a part of it for many operations. Despite his efforts the ending scene displays that the master has passed away. The latest and newest – Tekken 7 is also enriched with Eddy’s arc. As Eddy tries to find Kazuya and make him pay for what he did to her parents, but he is confronted by Lucky Chloe. She either beats him or loses, but no matter what’s the case, the ending is still a disappointing one for Eddy.

Fighting: Eddy utilizes capoeira to the absolute maximum. Dancing, athleticism, finesse and fighting are all the elements that make capoeira unique. His movements are fluid, fun and acrobatic. Yet this might seem all fun and games, playing against tougher opponents can be difficult. While controlling Eddy, avoid repetition because some of his attacks can be countered easily. His skillset is very unique and you are going to need a lot of thought if you want to win with him. Consistently that is. But with Eddy, the positive thing is that the more creative you are – the better results you’re going to get. 

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques:

+ 2 kicks – Rage art

- Combo Jilar

- Left Jab to Island Mirage

- One Two elbows

- Slippery Kick to Heran Bango

Eddy is just like his movements – tricky. His story is a tough one, yet he remains a very positive and inspiring character along with being a fun fighter to play as.