Feng Wei

Feng Wei is a Chinese martial artist who specializes in God Fist Style battle techniques. A new character in Tekken 5, Feng has stuck right by us and we fell in love with him.

Lore: He is a deadly and heartless fighting machine. Quite possibly based on Jet Li (a badass movie hero) Feng shares stances, movements and some attacks with the Hollywood actor. Feng’s desire to rule and be powerful is his biggest strength and weakness. In Tekken 5 he is seen learning Kempo from a powerful master who had the nickname “Shinken” or “God Fist”. Feng was a prodigy. A wunderkind inside the school, but once a fight broke out not in the dojo, the master tried to school Feng and beat him. So Feng did the (almost) impossible – killed his master. Feng tries to seek the secrets of God Fist scrolls by himself. That is his motivation for entering the tournament – his goal is to retrieve them from the Mishima family. Asuka and Lei Wulong for some reasons know this killer. Well not for some… They are quite clear. Feng damaged Asuka’s dad’s dojo and hurt him badly, while searching for the scrolls and Lei is hunting down Feng because of the same types of activities in China.  The thrashing of the Dojo might mean a nod towards Bruce Lee’s “Fist of Fury”, just the nationalities are twisted the other way around. The ending movie in Tekken 5 lets us see the good ending for Feng: he gets the scroll and practices his new moves. The result? He shatters a mountain with a single hit… Yes... Tekken 6 puts Feng down to earth as the scroll says a nice phrase about the technique, but doesn’t have any practical and functional value. But of course, when there’s valleys, there are also peaks and the ending scene shows Feng shattering a hot rock with a single punch. Tekken 7 is a bit different. Marshall Law appears and challenges Feng to a fight. He accepts and they battle it out. At the time Feng returned to his childhood areas and carried on intense training. He isn’t completely unhuman though. Nevertheless, while destroying pretty much every dojo in Japan and China isn’t good – Feng has and keeps a sense of humor so that’s a plus… Right?

Gameplay and mechanics: Listening to the technique he’s using – God fist, you might think that punches are the only thing he’s good at. Although it’s true to some level, don’t think that he’s useless like that. He also utilizes some nice combo’s and kicks in the air and also some power moves that knock your opponents back.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques: 

2 punches – Rage art

- Firestorm

- Climbing Dragon

- Peacock Sweep

- Tornado Sweep

Feng is borderline evil character with his intent to become a powerful man. His fighting resemble that very closely as he tries to take his opponents down quickly and with great ferocity. Just don’t get baited when you play with him.