Master Raven

Master Raven is a Raven-esque female of African origins and wears tough armor to go along with her tough ninjutsu. 

Lore: A UN Intelligence agent, a Ninja, single and attractive + fiery. What more could you ask? Well in Tekken it seems not much, because Master Raven seems like the whole package. Not much is known about her nationality and other physical, background traits, but some still make mistakes and underestimate Master Raven because she’s a female. She serves as an agent for the intelligence bureau and was assigned the mission of infiltrating King of Iron Fist tournament and assassinate a designated target. The main operations of secret agencies in general have ramped up as they try to monitor and know what’s going in the world. Since the war between Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corp started secret agencies have no choice, but to try to solve this and pay close attention. As she sees the sworn enemy of Raven’s – her subordinate’s, Sergei Dragunov, Master Raven didn’t back down and stood face to face with him and they battle. In Master Raven’s ending she is happy that she beats Dragunov who orders a tank missile to be fired at her. She cuts in half… Which, unsurprisingly leaves Dragunov desperate and sad, falling on his knees. As they share the same name (almost) and closely related – it seems that Raven is the employee of the agency that Master Raven is in charge of. They also have similar attacks, fighting techniques and movements.

Fighting: As mentioned before, Master Raven uses ninjutsu, but also carries a sword, similar to the one of Yoshimitsu and they are the only two characters who use swords by default in Tekken. Her ninjutsu separates Master Raven from good old Raven because she utilizes this sword (which adds a ton of range to her attacks) and uses teleportation techniques.

Moves, tips and techniques:

+ 2 kicks - Rage art

 - Chariot (fast)

 - Brocken Connect

For those who like Raven and have a feel for bad-ass chicks – Master Raven is the go-to character. You don’t need a particular set of skills to do good with her. Just remember, she has a sword – use it as an advantage, don’t let it be useless and rot. Her story might not be the most twisted and interesting, but she definitely fills the right niche and fans are going to love her.