Katarina Alves

This Brasilian babe won’t mess around. She doesn’t vibe to the salsa rhythms, she’s a rebel and one hard fighter. Her quest for her adoptive father ends her up in a rather strange position.

Lore: Her looks might not be all that Brazilian, but her short temper sure is. She’s sassy, loud-mouthed and not afraid to voice her opinion. Katarina grew up an orphan and just seems to have 0 regard and empathy towards some other individuals, but she shows a decent amount of respect towards her adoptive father – now turned in to Gigas by the G Corporation. She was an orphan for a long time and then this man she never saw, adopted her. Katarina, just like any hurt orphan wasn’t obedient: cursed, rebelled and fought, but eventually she saw the good sides of the man and let up. They became very close and it was heartbreaking for Katarina to find out that her father is missing. She wanted to find him very badly, but lacked the funds so she entered King of Iron Fist to earn them. The irony is that her first opponent was the biologically enhanced thing, named Gigas… In her ending, Katarina defeats Gigas, but faces threat from G Corporation’s soldiers who threaten to shoot her, but Gigas defends Katarina by deflecting and absorbing bullets. It strikes her – she found her long gone foster father. Katarina has a sad story and implies sympathetic emotions towards her. She might be a direct person with no-filter, but you can’t doubt her intentions, she’s positive and kind-hearted, just with a troubling past and a lack of ladylike manners… Besides, Katarina is the third Brazilian fighter in Tekken alongside with: Eddy Gordo, Christie Monteiro.

Gameplay: She uses Savate – French take on kickboxing. Just like Josie, these ladies use varied versions of kickboxing to tally victories and trample her opponents. Her kicks are her main specialty, not surprising for a kickboxer, but whereas the traditional kickboxing involves a lot of knee hits, Savate focuses on foot attacks more, probably because as the tradition goes, you’re allowed to wear shoes. She is considered to be an easy fighter to pick-up and play with as her moves are quick, accurate and easily executed. 

Tips, tricks and techniques: 

2x kicks + a kick – Rage art

- Albatross punch combo

- Crane kick combo

- Goose punch combo

To sum up, Katarina can be the perfect character to start out Tekken with. While her movements aren’t the most challenging and she isn’t the hardest fighter to master, Katarina’s story and simple charm attracts players.