Asuka Kazama

Since Tekken 5 Asuka has rattled our head and minds. With strange relations towards both Jin and Jun Kazama, she also possess the same level fighting skills as Jin and remains one of the most popular characters in Tekken.

Lore: Introduced in Tekken 5, she was trained in KSTMA – Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts. Her biggest motivation towards competitive fighting was when she was assaulted and beat down by an unknown person. Police found out that he/she was from the King Of Iron Fist Tournament, so she joined it as well. She is also known around Osaka as a peace maker and her motivations usually find themselves somewhere amongst someone getting beat down. Her father’s students and Mr.Kazama as well were beat one day in the dojo by Feng Wei. Asuka enters the tournament and in her ending is seen after beating Jinpachi. She rushes towards Devil Jin who is badly hurt. Her touch and love returns Jin to his human self and a funny situation occurs (It is known – only Asuka and Jun have the ability to disperse the Devil Gene.). That’s all that happens in Tekken 5. In the next installment – Tekken 6, Asuka enters the King of Iron Fist 5 with clear intentions to beat down Feng Wei. He is absent and Asuka is left empty-handed. However, another series of beatdowns happen – Jin starts war and now a lot of people are harmed, so Asuka once again gains the motivation to get in the tournament and capture her cousin/brother/something related – Jin Kazama. Her story’s ending in Tekken 6 is disappointing for deep storyline fans. As here she’s seen on a bike – driving fast and being late to school. A limousine causes her to crash and she confronts the limousine’s crew, surprisingly – it’s Lili and the two battle it out in a fight for the hottest schoolgirl… At least we think so. Now we’ve come to the present – Tekken 7. Her rivalry with Lili grew to unprecedented heights. Lili enrolled Asuka in the King of Iron Fist. In the ending, Asuka is shown after beating Lili, yet the latter states that she is going to learn Kazama style and rebuild the dojo. Asuka is furious and runs after Lili. 

Fighting: She is very different from the pack of fighters that can be played as. She (of course) uses the Kazama style martial arts – a proper thing to do for a Kazama, taught that way from a young age. She, like Jin and other Kazamas, has her own twists and variations of movements, punches and kicks that make her fighting style unique. The fighting style in general is a mixture of Japanese Jujutsu and some Aikido or defensive techniques. Asuka Kazama is the greatest representation of this fighting style as Jin uses a mixture of it and Mishima karate. Her movements are mostly defense oriented. With rage art she can do some crazy stunts to leave opponents gasping for air and begging for a break. She can get airborne and throw a windmill kick. Asuka is very dangerous even while defending, so you’ve got to be on point when you are facing her.

Moves, tips, tricks: 

+ 2 punches – rage art 

+ - Blizzard combo

- Hyakujitsuko

- Jab Leg Cutter

Overall, no wonder she’s so popular. Some of her moves are so annoying and hard to work against. As she can counter a lot of attacks and has some nice sets of kicks, combos and punches of her own, Asuka will make you come back to her every time you turn on Tekken. She’s a fun character with a great skillset.