Kazumi Mishima/Devil Kazumi

The good and the evil, Yin and Yang, white and black… Kazumi Mishima represented the North and the South. What it means is that her world was filled with mystery and to add to her regular, quite devious yet caring self, Kazumi possessed a demon – devil gene inside her. 

Lore: Kazumi Mishima is the mother of Kazuya Mishima and ex-wife of Heihachi and the grandmother of Jin Kazama… What a resume… She came to the Tekken world as a playable character in Tekken 7. She was supposed to act as an unplayable boss before. Kazumi serves as one of the main evil characters in the game - the final boss. Her existence was mentioned rarely throughout the Tekken universe. Kazumi, in her life is a very ambitious woman who has a pet tiger ready to carry out various tasks for her. The lady becomes increasingly upset by her husband’s moves and actions. Kazumi has a lot of tough confrontations – facing Kazuya who she tried to protect by not revealing her Devil Gene although when she faces him it’s her who convinces Kazuya to unlock his Devil Powers. Overall, her feelings towards her family is kind of mixed. You can’t tell 100%, but she seems to hate Heihachi’s guts, but has extreme care towards Kazuya. As Kazumi asks Akuma to kill both Heihachi and Kazuya which makes us wonder whether she really loved her son the way we’re made to believe. Kazumi fell in love with Heihachi and loved him without any compromises, but once he became the head of Mishima Zaibatsu, things started to change. Heihachi’s wife felt threatened and she believed that her husband isn’t going to stop and will damage and hurt a lot of people so she took it upon herself to stop him. As she faced Heihachi she had the upper hand, but her Devil’s beam wasn’t on target and Heihachi successfully beat his wife and ended her life. Kazuya learns about how his mother died and doesn’t take it well, so Heihachi earns another enemy – his son who wants vengeance. 

Devil Kazumi’s Lore: She is the Devil form of Kazumi Mishima – ex-wife of Heihachi, mother of Kazuya and grandmother of Jin Kazama. Her first appearance is in Tekken 7 where humanKazumi shoes her form to Heihachi and declares to him that it’s her destiny to end his life. Heihachi manages to defeat her in a gruesome battle and defeats her… It seems so because she turns in to her human form, but as Heihachi checks once again he sees Devil Kazumi, but is quick to react and chokes her. As she pleases to spare her, because of their love, Heihachi continues to choke her and notices the trap and the plans of Devil Kazumi. He states that he doesn’t know this person and snaps the neck. A single tear is shed… A truly sad ending.

Human Kazumi’s fighting: the mother and the ex-wife of two very proficient fighters, she blends a bit of both worlds. Uses Kazuya’s demon slayer move and Heihachi’s Flash Punch combo. Kazumi’s battle style is Hachijo Style Karate mixed with Mishima Karate making her sort of a hybrid fighter. She takes a lot from her husband and son, but also possesses a lot of own moves. The most notable ability – summoning a pet tiger who helps Kazumi damage and hurt opponents. She can also do Heihachi’s move which cannot be blocked, but it isn’t as effective as her ex’s. But things hit the fan once she turns in to her devil form. 

Devil Kazumi’s fighting: Not a lot changes in terms of mechanics, but it is way crazier to fight with her Devil form. She summons a white tiger which annoys the hell out of your opponents and rolls over them or claws them. Her Devil’s beam, is a signature of any Devil fighter, but the beam shoots instantly, opposite to those of Jin or Kazuya. Other movements remain the same as her human form. This character blends Hachijo and Mishima karate styles along with demonic abilities.

Tips, tricks, techniques and moves:

 - Binding Blows

 - Burst Punch Combo

 - Demon’s gate kick

2x punch + punch – Rage art

Kazumi is for the loyal fans of Tekken. She has so much influence over the events in Tekken’s universe and her backstory provides so much clarity over some of the events and Kazuya’s motivation. So it is no surprise that her inclusion in the game is a welcome one and many players choose her, but not only for her relation and ties with Heihachi, Jin and Kazuya, but also because of her uniqueness and Devil form.