Geese Howard

This robe wearing blonde bad boy is  another crossover character – visiting Tekken’s universe from Fatal Fury series. A DLC character – Geese made his arrival in the seventh game. By using Aikijutsu he fights and beats his enemies with ease in Tekken and Fatal Fury.

Lore: In Fatal Fury he is the main organizer and host of the tournament named: “King of Fighters”.

He wears a hakama – bottom part of a kimono and has short blond hair, mean tattoos and a murderous look. All of these traits and his history from Fatal Fury make Geese Howard a great character and a solid addition to the Tekken universe and provides joy to all fighting game lovers. Geese has a history of appearing in King of Fighters games so he’ll be welcome in Tekken every day. He doesn’t really have a story as Geese is a DLC character and only seems to have a POSSIBLE (not confirmed) beef with Hehachi who is in need of supporters – a corporation CEO, a strong corporation and a strong CEO – Geese exactly fits the mold.

Fighting: a strong and cunning fighter – Geese Howard uses an ancient version of Aikido-root and chi techniques to stop and hurt his opponents. As an ambitious human being he doesn’t stand back to anyone. A fun feature of Geese’s – he shoots a projectile. A powerful weapon is a counter grappling move which can be used after an opponent fails to use his rage art. Although this might not work against close counter attacks. When in rage art mode – he punches his opponent in to the air and shoots a projectile which inflicts severe damage to opponents. As Aikijutsu is the father/mother of Aikido, Geese needs to utilize Karate and other martial art styles because his main technique lacks strikes and attacking prowess. He also uses Hakkyokuseiken – a ficticious martial art taught to him by some old masters. A native-American, this dude adores and uses Japanese culture as his pillars.

Tips, tricks and techniques: although he is announced and his visuals are known. So far Geese has not been officially released so all we can do is speculate which would be dull and unprofessional. Until then, stick around to see more Tekken 7 information.