Jack 7

This is the seventh robot of the Jack family. Newly built, re-vamped styling and design, better weaponry and a tougher build make this the strongest Jack robot ever built.

Lore: Jack has been around since Tekken, the first installment in the series. Jack 1 was a killing machine made in the Soviet Union. A perfect, unbreakable robot who has the unique rival Prototype Jack – a bigger, badder version with more metal. Jack 2 was a small upgrade and appears in Tekken 2. Also a rival to Prototype Jack, this version isn’t very fortunate and meets a foul end in the hands of Doctor Abel. The Jacks change by the number, the later the version the higher the number (well, for now). So, moving on, Jack 3 was restored with the huge efforts of Jane, who finds Mishima Zaibatsu’s blueprints and technologies, used to create Jack 3 or Gun Jack as he’s better known. In the end of third King of Iron Fist tournament as Jane is getting pressured by Heihachi – Jack rescues her. Jack-4 is the first version of Jack that went out to mass production. These were sent to destroy Kazuya and Heihachi, Jack-4 can self-destruct causing a lot of problems. A gap appears in the timeline as there is no Jack in Tekken 4, so Jack-4 is considered the Jack of that era. Jack-5 is probably one of the most famous and memorable versions of Jacks, because he sort of went AWOL, trashed the lab he was worked on and almost crushes Jane in progress, but his memories take effect and he leaves her alone. The next version was Jack-6 was created to compete with Mishima Zaibatsu’s answer to Jack, the other robot who was a powerful enemy. This fella was a pure beast – 10 times more powerful than Jack-5. Jack-6 stands his ground as he entered the 6’th King of Iron Fist Tournament in order to destroy Mishima Zaibatsu. Jack-7 is the cause of the turmoil and lack of power balance in the world – Mishima vs G Corp. These two have their differences, but inside G Corporation, there was a different battle, a war actually on weaponry supremacy. Jack-7 vs Gigas, a bio-enhanced, augmented, robotized human vs a robot with human traits. This version of Jack defeats King and returns to Kazuya. A small resemblance to Android 16 from Dragon Ball can be seen between the two.


Jacks were never known for the acrobatic Taekwondo type kicks, or flying punches. Yet they need only a few direct strikes to completely obliterate anyone and anything standing in their path. The easiest way to beat a Jack is to predict its movements, which isn’t that hard to do, since they’re mechanical and quite uncreative. Their damage is great and since Jacks are very tall + the ability to extend their arms is just borderline ludicrous as Jacks can plow through any defense from a far. Every form of attack – high punches, low kicks or anything else – settled. You have versatility, power, range, but lack intelligence, mobility and agility to compete with some human fighters.Jack uses brute force to fight enemies and that’s how his fighting technique is called – “Brute Force”. 

Jack is one of the most memorable and famous characters in Tekken. Although he has a narrow fan-base, with the same fans sticking to using Jack for so long, he is definitely no slouch and can knock you over in an instant. Just like a true destructive machine, Jack uses his punches and power to kill anything that is preventing him from carrying out the task at hand. We recommend him if you’re looking for a lot of fun and new emotions in Tekken.