Eliza is a vampire who slept for over 600 years… The only way you’re getting this hot blood-sucker in to Tekken 7 is if you pre-ordered the game or if you waited until July 28, 2017.

Lore: Eliza is a hot lady vampire and has the gift of never ending life. It is believed that she is over a thousand years old, but most of that time is believed to have been spent sleeping as ironically she thought of taking a nap and ended up sleeping for 6 centuries. This long hibernation has taken its toll on her and she falls asleep at random. Eliza debuted in Tekken Revolution while there was a specific unlocking method. Instead of points, you needed to acquire blood seals by beating arcade mode, Mokujin or Online matches. Now beating doesn’t necessarily mean you have to win, it just needs to be finished. Once you collect 20000 Blood Seals – you can ripe your reward and unlock Eliza. Moving on, in Tekken 7 there is her backstory explained. She comes in the Fated Retribution DLC. She needs strength from people’s blood, but doesn’t gather enough of it to fully regain her powers. Eliza needs blood of a true warrior, someone who has a strong spirit and a lot of power. She is desperately trying to return to her previous condition, but her searches for such victims end in failure. Eliza has to go and meet a clan of exorcists – Archers of Sirius, led by Claudio Serafino. She beats Claudio and wants rest, but is met by Lili who claims to be her sister. We get a funny treat of Eliza trying to explain the impossibility of it, but falling asleep while telling it.

Fighting and gameplay: The fighting style she represents cannot be named. Although her movements and attacks to Anna Williams and Lili (maybe that’s why she considers Eliza her sister?). Her sleeping patterns are an issue as Eliza can fall asleep right in the middle of battle and tries to suck her enemies’ blood the moment she gets the opportunity.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques:

+ 2 kicks – Rage art

- Dark Storm

- Dark Tempest

+  and a punch

Overall, Eliza is an interesting character and definitely deserves a try. Her moves require a lot of analog flicking so she might not be the perfect choice for most, but executing a combo with her is very pleasurable. Try it out!