Jin Kazama/Devil Jin

The latest protagonist of the series (well and a partial antagonist in Tekken 6, a supporting role in the latest game Tekken 7) – Jin Kazama has it all. He is probably one (if not the) strongest fighters in the world with great genes and character.

Lore: In Tekken 7 Jin Kazama is portrayed in a sort of negative way. He, as the leader of Mishima Zaibatsu – declared war on the world. With also having the battle inside of him (Devil vs. human Jin) he struggles to maintain power and disappears, which opens a window for Heihachi to return to his CEO position, which he does. Jin disappears in the desert when Arabian soldiers locate him. Everything is a blur to Jin, he’s weak and in a state of despair. Lars quickly grab’s Kazama and runs away from the chasing soldiers. Once healed and awaken, Jin Kazama learns of Heihachi’s death and Lars sends him to finish the deal – track down and kill G Corp’s leader – Kazuya Mishima. But his story isn’t just this, let’s back track a bit, to Jin Kazama’s first appearance in Tekken. The game is Tekken 3 and Jin is only 15 when he finds out about Kazuya being his dad. Heihachi takes Jin under his wing and trains him by being a good grandfather and a very prolific teacher. The student leaves the teacher after a couple of years and after leaving he forms a rivalry with Hwoarang, a South-Korean fighter who is Jin’s arch rival. Kazama beats most of his opponents, but his battle with Hwoarang ends in a tie. Jin later fights an Orc, which he beats, after beating Heihachi to get to the Orc, but sadly he’s met by the Tekken Force which shoot at him. Heihachi goes to the wounded Jin and seemingly ends it all with a shot to the head, but after turning around it seems that Devil Jin has appeared – since Jin spreads his new wings and flies in to the night. Tekken 4 was filled with more dramatic events in Jin Kazama’s life. He trained in Austrailia hating everything about himself. It’s here where he learns a new fighting techniques and enters in to The King or Iron Fist 4. He gets a battle with Hwoarang and gets a match with daddy – Kazuya, although some Tekken Force soldiers capture Jin by outnumbering him and he is imprisoned. Once again a family confrontation between Heihachi, Jin and Kazuya appears with the latter two showing of their devil sides. A raging battle occurred which is known to us from Tekken 5. Jin escapes, but falls in a forest. Here we see how dangerous the Devil Gene really is. It starts to take its toll on Kazama as he has nightmares and trouble living his life. Jin beats Hwoarang in his devil form, but loses in his human body. More family troubles as Jin meets Jinpachi – his grandfather, but beats him… Actually turns him in to dust – literally. Moving on to Tekken 6 we get the bad Jin Kazama who is the leader of Mishima Zaibatsu and uses his powers to damage the world, make everything chaotic and plunges the whole world in to war just so he can prove a point of destroying the ultimate evil. They took over everything, but one faction stood in their way – G Corp with Kazuya leading it. Jin enters King of Iron Fist 6 as G Corp has a bounty on him. Although these events are meaningful, they’re nothing compared to the real evil that occupies the world. Enough bad energy is accumulated and an ancient creature awakens – Azazel. This creature is extremely powerful and Lars says that it can only be defeated with someone who has the Devil gene – Jin does, and goes on to defeat the creature. He is greeted by a Tekken Force squad which seems to be a covert Heihachi mission – he’s ready to kill Jin. Heihachi loses and Jin returns to the HQ.

Fighting: Jin has a unique set of moves, but it hasn’t always been that way. He used Mishima Karate earlier in the franchise, along with his Kazama Style traditional martial arts, but moved on to a sort of traditional/regular Karate. There had been some complaints in the earlier games that Kazuya and Jin felt pretty much the same when fighting so the developers really put a lot of effort in to making him different. But Jin is a more complete fighter than Kazuya or Heihachi. He has better mobility, amazing counter-attacks and exploitation of some in-game mechanics make Jin the perfect fighter for pretty much everyone.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques:

+ 2 punches – Rage art

- Double Thrust Roundhouse

- High Right Roundhouse

- Kazama Style 5 hit combination

Jin is the main character of the series (pretty much) and it’s really worth your while to try him out. Most people know how to fight Jin, but if you take that extra effort in to distinguishing yourself from the rest and get to know him just a tad better – you have a great chance in becoming a deadly weapon in Tekken 7.

Devil Jin’s lore: He appeared in Tekken 5 as a playable character, but was known to exist back in Tekken 3. He is a more aggressive and evil version of Jin Kazama (Sort of like the Evil Ryu). The devil gene takes over it seeks complete world domination and won’t let anyone disrupt its goals. Throughout the series we get more and more information and appearances by the Devil gene and the Devil characters. Jin got the gene from his dad – Kazuya. In the third game we learn that half of Kazuya’s devil gene tried to get in to Jin, but his mother tried to protect him. In the Tekken 4 game, Devil Jin is awoken by Devil Kazuya and takes both him and Heihachi down. Tekken 5 sees Jin starting to struggle with his Devil side and he starts to get consumed by the powers within and slowly loses his mind. Devil Jin beats Jinpachi and absorbs his powers. His powers become even more immense and fighting against the Devil side becomes even harder for the human Jin. The next game – Tekken 6 just adds more twist to the plot. Viewed and portrayed in a negative way – Jin’s Devil side seems to be the only way to save the planet from ancient evil – Azazel. It all seems great until Devil Jin tries to take Azazel’s powers and get them. It backfires and he loses his powers. The Scenario story provides a bit different take on this as Jin sacrifices himself to beat Azazel yet when found lying in the desert he still had a tattoo on his arm… Tekken 7, the most recent addition provides a lot more information about Jin’s struggles with the Devil side. Jin promises to beat his father – Kazuya, and once again awakens the Devil powers.

Fighting: This part is hard to explain as it is nearly impossible to put Devil Jin as a specific style fighter. He just uses some advanced techniques from his human self, but is a lot better prepared for battle in terms of mobility, pressure and damage. Although the news on paper seem great, the disappointing thing is that Devil Jin is a hard character to play as, so you’re going to need a lot of practice. Laser and flying attacks are a thing of beauty and are extremely efficient when used correctly, but don’t over-do it. Devil Jin can be lured in to making mistakes so be patient as he retains Jin Kazama’s amazing counter attacking abilities. 

Tips, tricks, moves and techniques: 

+ 2 punches – Rage art

- Demon Backhand Spin

- Demon Slayer

- Flash Punch Combo

- Wheel of Pain

Devil Jin might need skill and experience to master, but be assured that anyone can pick up and learn how to play as him. The character is a destructive machine and won’t stop until all of his enemies tremble – learn from him.