Bryan Fury

This is a very bad bad man…He’s been around since Tekken 3 and has done evil things ever since. A brutal and cold-blooded American with psychotic tendencies have made him one of the few fan favorites and created a loyal fan base. We’ll see what the fuss is all about.

Lore: This guy has a very interesting story. He has been around for such a long time in Tekken so it must be good, right? Trust us, It is. Bryan Fury was a police officer and was killed in Hong-Kong during a shootout. His corpse was found by Dr.Abel and he used it to revive Bryan and merge him into his cyborg army. Since a scientific battle between Abel and Bosconovitch, known for also creating Alisa, was on its way, Abel sent Bryan to infiltrate and gain the information about his rival’s cyborgs. This is Tekken 3 keep in mind, so Bryan tracks down Yoshimitsu, who’s closely tied with Bosconovitch and enters King of Iron Fist to track down info. Bryan turned evil and his intentions did too. In the ending movie Bryan fights Tekken Force and throws a tank part at the soldiers – it explodes. In Tekken 4 Bryan knows that he hasn’t got that much long to live so he needed Dr.Abel’s help. During the two years when Heihachi and Mishima Zaibatsu took him away, Dr.Abel seemed to forget and distance himself from his previous ventures and thus pushing Bryan in to hating the two perpetrators. Another news of King of Iron Fist 4 reach his ears and he enters. His new emotions and close to death state unlocks powers he never possessed and does everything in his power to beat Heihachi and take the helm of Mishima Zaibatsu so he can get back to normal once again. The ending in Tekken 4 show Bryan waking up to find out that Yoshimitsu saved him. The option Dr.B offers to him is that he can get saved, but he has to be moved in to a new body – a mechanized one. For that to happen Bryan has to give out his older, human body to Dr.Bosconovitch. See? His story is very twisted and interesting, but it’s far from the end here. Tekken 5 however, takes this arc even further and Bryan is seen with new upgrades to his body. He didn’t understand what had changed because it all seemed the same, but Bosconovitch explains that a lot of work was put in. Bryan runs away and enter King of Iron Fist Five as a test to his new body. His newest ventures show in the ending movie: he for some reason is seen with a pistol trying to kill Yoshimitsu. He uses newly enhanced eye sight to track him down and eventually succeeds in shooting and probably killing him. Bryan’s story heavily revolves around doing something and then entering King of Iron Fist. Tekken 6 sees Bryan entering the 5th tournament (continuing on the last part). He was interrupted and confronted by Yoshimitsu repeatedly and became so angry and crabbed that he ran away and joined various battles just to destroy things and take out his anger. Next up – King of Iron Fist 6… See the pattern? The ending movie just shows his action from battlefields. Bryan uses a rocket launcher and a glider to down the nearby enemy helicopter… What a rebel… Latest achievements in Tekken 7 include defeating Bob (after confronting him on his way to the tournament) and of course how could he leave it at that, so Bryan flings a bar to an aircraft which explodes. Oh the joys of the World! He is a very evil character with intentions to only destroy, kill and fight. He has a sociopathic, sadistic and absolutely not-empathic traits that many fans of the game fell in love. His rivals are Yoshimitsu (deadly enemy) and Lei Wulong. 

Fighting/gameplay: His fighting style is kickboxing. Bryan can use a lot of combos to damage his opponents and give satisfaction to the controlling player. He is a different kickboxer. His movements are a bit unconventional for a traditional kickboxing artist, but you can’t deny the facts. He’s beaten so much opponents it doesn’t really matter. Some cons that Bryan has is that you need to be a risk taker to play him correctly and his range isn’t all that good. But overall – a very solid fighter.

Movements, tips, tricks, combos:

+ 2 punches – Rage art

- Anaconda Bite

- Anaconda Rage

- Double Spin Tomahawk

- Cremation

When picking Bryan, keep in mind the history that he has and that you’re representing pure evil intentions of his to cause havoc and terrorize opponents. If you don’t have a problem with a big bully pressuring and putting your opponent’s controllers in the wall – go ahead, choose Bryan. You won’t regret it.