This Russian beauty is an android which was created by doctor Bosconovitch to resemble his dead daughter. She has been around since Tekken 6 and has grown to become one of the fan favorites.

Lore: She was created in Russia (although speaks fluent Japanese) and bears the title of gynoid, a fembot – robot who resembles a female. Alisa is a polite robot and always speaks in a respective manner. Her story though, remains a mystery. She is a robot in secret, sort of… Only a handful of individuals know the fact that Alisa is a gynoid – Jin Kazama, Nina and Anna Williams, Raven and Lars are among them. She plays a key role in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. In Tekken 7 she was a designated bodyguard for Jin Kazama. Alisa has tremendous fighting potential and her thrusters allow for almost unlimited movement and agility capabilities. Returning to Tekken 7 she wakes up with hostile intentions towards Lee and attacks him. She loses. Nevertheless she starts to remember who Lee is and regains her memories with wishes to see Lars again. Her wish is granted and Alisa is able to meet Lars. Jin is in a coma which upsets his designated savior – Alisa. The scene just moments subsequently to Heihachi’s death she and Lars stand on a rooftop discussing the soon coming invasions to countries from Kazuya Mishima… They watch Jin’s preparation to kill Kazuya. In terms of character her pink hair and overall appearance leads to believe and doesn’t mistake that she is a kind and sensitive. Although like most female Tekken characters – acts childish and girlish. Like Shaheen – Alisa sees violence and fighting as the last resort although opponents meet the true potential of Alisa when fists meet fists. In the Tekken universe, Jin Kazama seems to have total control over her despite Alisa being super intelligent and even denying the facts that she is a robot. As mentioned earlier, only a handful of people know this fact, later Alisa reveals it herself. Oh… There’s also her dress style which has many fans drooling… But that’s what they like – bring on more Alisa. 

Fighting: Her fighting style cannot be categorized as it consists of some movements that can’t be named properly and grouped. She has attacks which are easy to do making her attractive to play as for newcomers as well as some fascinating combo damage dealers that can devour her opponents. The fact that she has chainsaws just adds to the fun. Some attacks require good timing, others – being just at the right distance. All in all she is considered a good pushing character who can apply easy pressure to the opponent. Just be careful of enemies moving to the side, these are killer counters for Alisa… As some other character’s, some of Alisa’s movements are sort of dance like. Though thrusters, rockets and various android like thingies let Alisa gain the upper hand in most combats against even the toughest opponents.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques:

- Rage art

- Accelerator

- Accelerator combo

- Coil Punch combo

What’s left to say is that she is one of the more memorable and worth playing as characters in Tekken 7 and the whole Tekken series. Her story is interesting, she has fun and creative fighting mechanics, her relationships with other characters, appearance and looks are attractive and the more we look at Alisa, the more we think that she’s a great, great character of Tekken.