As his Wikipedia page suggests – Bob or Robert Richards hates weight loss. This big blonde American is a true karate master and has returned to Tekken 7.

Lore: He acts as a bounty hunter in the crossover: Street Fighter X Tekken. Bob also shares some resemblance to Rufus from Street Fighter series as they’re both... Well… Not on the slim side, but possess tremendous agility and physical abilities that allow them to catch opponents of guard. In Tekken 6 Bob is known for working extremely hard and for his good looks and impressive physique. Sadly, he always failed fighting against bigger opponents who weighed more than him so he disappeared for a while and put his efforts in to gaining weight, increasing power, but remaining as agile as he’s been before. The new Bob emerges as we see him now. The big, wide and strong man that he is today. Critique didn’t seem to bother him as he entered King of Iron Fist 6. In the ending he’s seen winning the tournament and becoming a star. Bob gets the star treatment – commercials, posters, attention and etc. Later he hops on a scale and sees something strange – the indicated weight is only a 150 pounds… Bob is shocked to say the least. He jumps off with disbelief only to see the same thing again when stepping on them again. Slim Bob was back. He was only playable in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as the earlier appearances were only cinematic. Tekken 7 sees him coming over to the King of Iron Fist once again, but there’s an accident in front of him with Bryan Fury standing in his way. Bob swore to defeat Bryan in battle. In his ending, Bob defeats Bryan and crushed him. But forgot about the tournament and missed it. Although he isn’t in the franchise very long, he has made a lot of other appearances. In Street Fighter X Tekken he pairs up with Julia Chang and in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Slim Bob is a DLC character. Overall, Bob is a good character with a lot of personal ambition to be the best. He gained more than a hundred pounds for god’s sake… The man has super-human dedication. 

Fighting: Isn’t very hard to pick up and play as. While some of his attacks are hard to master, overall Bob is a character that most player fancy choosing when they want some easier victories or fun. He is very strong and you can see that from a far. He maintained his agility and combine his strength with a combo and the damage output is simply splendid. The style of fighting is sort of a Karate, but considered freestyle Karate as there are no specific style related patterns. In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, more patterns, moves and attacks are added to Bob. 

Tips, tricks and moves:

+ 2 punches – Rage art

- Spinning Linguine

- Barista Swirl

Consider choosing Bob if you sympathize a fluent fighting experience with Bob. Playing an effective Bob requires a lot of repetition and once you find the right patterns and sets of moves, your victory % should increase as he is a great offensive character and a roundhouse kick or a knock down combo will disrupt your opponent’s momentum and you can use that to your advantage.