The first Arabic style character in Tekken, this military bodyguard will make you obey the harsh rules and will hit you hard. 

Lore: Shaheen is a secretive person and we don’t know much about his personality, but his sayings might show that he is not fond of violence and fights only when there’s no other option. He is the first fighter of Arabian ethnicity in Tekken, Saudi Arabian to be exact. His inclusion drew attention from both the Western and Arabian medias.  His background is working in a private military company and specializes in security. He was an army man who earned borderline legendary reputation for hand to hand, one-on-one combat. Shaheen lost a friend in a mystery surrounded set of events and he suspected this to be the workings of someone else. These suspicions were only strengthened by G Corporation’s purchase of that friend’s oil company followed by the resignation of the former management and family members. Shaheen started a private investigation and learned that G Corp was run by a demonic man named Kazuya Mishima. He did not at first, believe that there was a possibility of demons existing, but later research and investigations were sad for Shaheen as he found out that demons really exist… His world was in pieces, Shaheen was lost and didn’t know what to do. Seeking blood he went on a rogue mission to infiltrate G Corporation and get to the bottom of this and possibly kill Kazuya. The demon behind everything. In his ending Shaheen beats Kazuya and offers peace instead of revenge just bolstering our ideas of him being a pacifist. Kazuya refuses and jumps off the G Corp’s tower – transforms in to his devil form and Shaheen vows to get his revenge. Fun side note, Shaheen is quite similar to Rashid from Street Fighter V.

Fighting: His fighting style is military like and he probably learned it back in his army days. Much like Krav Maga and Judo alongside other martial arts utilized by the military men, his moves are mostly acrobatic kicks and heavy takedowns. Just don’t get knocked down yourself as you might lose your shemagh and agal. Overall, Shaheen was designed to be very easy to pick up and play as, so beginners are definitely going to enjoy doing his acrobatics and easily executed military movements. 

Movements, tricks and tips:

 - Blinding Sands

 - Crescent Moon

 - Cut in

- Hallux Kick 2 Algenib

Finally you need to understand the mechanics of his fighting – it’s not that hard and you’ll be set using him and winning many battles. His story is quite interesting and provides a different take on the world, the one you might not expect in Tekken’s universe, but nonetheless it’s extremely intriguing and interesting.