Lucky Chloe

After visiting an expo she fell in love with the Japanese culture and you can see it on her. But don’t get distracted, because this young blonde sure knows how to dance and uses those moves to both shame her opponents and make them feel the pain.

Lore: Lucky Chloe is a new character in Tekken 7. She is a dancer and an enthusiast, lover of the Japanese culture. Chloe has the goal of becoming the best idol in the world and her dance videos went viral and hit the internet by storm. She signed a contract with G Corporation and is the face of this company, acting like a PR manager for them – being in ads, posters and etc. She’s only 17 years old, but her acts are even more childish. In Eddy’s ending she gives him a note showing where Kazuya should be, only that is a prank and we see her mischievous side. In Jack-7 and Chloe’s (hers) ending we see her forcing Eddy to dress as a woman and witnesses Jack-7 falling off of the G Corps tower… Her looks are the biggest attraction. To both the fans and the people inside Tekken universe. In it Chloe is a pop sensation and after Eddy Gordo bursts in and tries to attack G Corp, she fearlessly stood up to him and denied him further progress. Her story is one of those funny and careless parts of Tekken that all fans enjoy. Chloe has only relations with two of the other characters in the game – Kazuya as her boss and Eddy as the only one fighting with her. In her ending, after she beats Eddy we see her teaching him the dance moves. As they bargained that if Eddy loses he becomes Chloe’s backup dancer. She announces to him that they’re going to dress him up as a woman and Eddy is going to perform live alongside Chloe… He responds by yelling: “Noooooooo!” 

Fighting: Since she has little martial arts or battle experience, Chloe utilizes the stuff she knows best – dancing. Her adopted battle style – Freestyle dance. It’s similar to Eddy’s and Christie’s capoeira yet with no movement in the base stance and not as Brasilian.

Moves, tips, tricks and techniques:

- Axe Aerial; use - for double Axe Aerial

- C Uprock Clap

- C Uprock Hit

Chloe isn’t the most famous characters of Tekken, but she’s definitely unique. No one else fights like her. Eddy and Christie feel somehow close, but not identical. She is going to provide you with different emotions and add mastery to your Tekken skills.